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Digilock® is a global leader in delivering high-performance electronic locks and locker security solutions. Founded in 1981, headquartered in California, with sales offices in the Netherlands and Hong Kong, Digilock continues to innovate since it delivered the first electronic lock for personal storage in 1992. Locks by Digilock offered in several architectural finishes, locking interfaces, functionalities, and security platforms including ADA Compliant solutions provide flexibility to seamlessly integrate to any personal storage fixture and/or case good. Combining security with simplicity, locks by Digilock operate with a patented electronic manager key for a credible management system that significantly enhances productivity and reduces cost. Lockers by Digilock integrates design, durability and security through its comprehensive selection of door types, frame features, and storage configurations and are always secured with locks by Digilock. Delivered fully assembled and ready to use, lockers by Digilock deliver a turn-key personal storage system. Why Digilock? Our commitment to providing superior customer support and our responsiveness to market demands enables Digilock to be recognized as the industry influencer making Security Simplified®.

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