Why Digilock®?

By Mila Adamovica

Timeline of Success

  • The market leader in electronic locks and innovative security solutions.
  • The company that revolutionized the locker room experience.
  • More than 3 million Digilock units are operated daily worldwide.

As global leader, Digilock creates simple-to-use electronic locking solutions through streamlined design and patented technology. We set new standards of excellent quality and solutions that provide flawless operation every time. We support our customers with an exceptional warranty and easy-to-reach technical advisors. Founded in 1981, Digilock introduced the first electronic cabinet lock to the marketplace, changing the lock and locker industry forever. The company’s goal is to make security simplified®, blending science with the artistry that transforms the user experience. Digilock is seen in nearly all the high-end locker rooms in the world offering security and elegance that customers demand. Today, Digilock commands up to 90 percent of the market for electronic locker locks and is the number-one-specified electronic locking solution.

With its first-generation electronic locks, Digilock changed the way users operated their lockers. This series offered a keyless security platform with either shared- or assigned-use functionality. The goal was clear: increase member satisfaction by providing a secure solution that eliminates the need to carry a key.

“Digilock makes security simple,” said Bill Gordon, President and Founder of Digilock, “offering unparalleled security solutions with a focus on style, ease-of-use, and lock management.”

While this innovation was simple and intuitive, it instantly upgraded locker rooms by making them more user-friendly. The shared-use functionality allowed members to walk up to any available locker, enter their self-selected four-digit code, and store their belongings quickly and safely. The experience improved with a push of a button. The assigned-use functionality provided members and VIPs with a keypad-operated solution that eliminated the hassle of keys. The second-generation lock model implemented a time-saving tool that allowed for a complaint-free locker room environment, on the strong belief that the user experience should be problem-free.

Digilock transformed the market by introducing the electronic Manager Key, which improved management access with a single touch. Clubs no longer needed to worry about owner and manager codes, the time required to change such codes, the embarrassment of asking a club member to look away while entering the manager code, or the club member being locked out as the manager code was not programmed correctly. Over the course of time, Digilock designed sleeker, slimmer products focusing on continued simplicity and customization. The third-generation locks featured three security platforms, enhanced electronic Manager Keys with a built-in power override feature, and a variety of body types and finishes.

Digilock began customizing products to fit a wider variety of applications across a multitude of diverse industries. With the current generation, Digilock offers an array of lock models, including cam, solenoid and motorized locks with either a keypad or RFID interface. Digilock also introduced a code-managed lock, providing a perfect solution for smaller breakout facilities such as Pilates or cycling studios with fewer than 20 locker openings. From small boutique studios to large athletic facilities, clubs have more options with Digilock, the company that has changed the landscape of locker rooms worldwide.

Over the past 34 years, Digilock modernized the electronic lock industry with its breakthrough technology and innovative, yet simple-to-use products. Customer service and consistency in providing high-quality products powered Digilock’s rise to prominence. As the industry leader and the original manufacturer of electronic locker locks, Digilock established the highest standards for unparalleled security solutions. Security simplified® is the founding principle and the answer to “Why Digilock”.

This article was originally published in the Athletic Business Magazine, July 2015: www.athleticbusiness.com

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About Digilock

Digilock® is the global leader in electronic locker locks, cabinet locks and office furniture locks that use patented keypad and RFID technology. Digilock’s locks and lockers for health and fitness clubs, athletic locker rooms, schools, colleges and universities, hotels, spas and office environments are high-performance, turnkey security solutions.
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