Transform Your Studio with Celáre® by Digilock®

Digilock® is a global leader of high-performance electronic locks and locker security solutions for customers ranging from pro sports teams to Fortune 500 firms. What made the company a number one manufacturer of lock and locker solutions for health and fitness clubs, hotels and spas, athletic locker rooms, educational institutions, retail businesses, hospitals, and offices?

Security: Digilock is committed to providing reliable solutions for secure storage since 1981. Digilock introduced its first line of electronic locks in 1992. That is a track record of consistent innovation that sets Digilock apart from other manufacturers and makes its products appealing to the target market.

Simplicity: Digilock’s security simplified® patented technologies are designed for ease of installation and use, and for seamless integration with the existing or projected facility design and infrastructure.

Responsiveness: Digilock puts high-value on the superior customer support and on the precise customization to meet the market demands. This approach enables the company to stand out as an industry influencer.

Innovation: Security risks never stop evolving. The patented keypad and RFID technology solutions fully align with the existing needs and the emerging challenges. Digilock’s top priority is to deliver an exceptional user experience and the highest level of security to its customers.

The Ride House

The Ride House

One of Digilock’s latest innovations, Celáre® luxury locker line, was launched at the International Health, Racquet and Sportsclub Association (IHRSA) trade show, geared to the health and fitness industry. It gave Digilock an opportunity to interact with the audience, to gain the valuable insights on the new product, and to help prioritize features and functionalities for future offerings that resonate most with the customers.

President of The Ride House cycling studio, Parker Williams, learned about Celáre luxury lockers at IHRSA, and was so impressed by their high-end feel and functionality, that he decided to design his studio in colors and themes represented in the Celáre lockers. Opening a new indoor cycling and fitness studio with luxurious spa aesthetics was a challenge that Parker Williams and his team took very seriously. They knew that “careful planning was necessary to be successful in this mecca for fitness and design”. Their goal was “to unite the physical and the emotional, and to create an exhilarating experience for their clients of all fitness levels.” To accomplish this goal, Parker reached out to Barbara Hoots, President at Indoor Cycle Design, specializing in creating innovative environments that lead to increased membership, retention and profitability. As a result of their team efforts, The Ride House, a boutique cycle and fitness studio, was successfully opened on February 14, 2015 in Dallas, and got immediate attention from the fitness connoisseurs.

Parker Williams is convinced that “there is no reason why fitness cannot have a luxury feeling.” The studio features concert quality sound, mirrored lighting, and custom black glass Celáre lockers in 3-tier and 6-tier configuration. Gray-toned floors, unique mirror effect, and smoked crystal chandeliers complete the look. According to Barbara Hoots, “the green, gray and white accent colors were to highlight the healthy lifestyle of Dallas’ health-conscious markets, restaurants, and the Katy Trail nearby”.

Parker was the first studio owner to request the lockers as the anchor to his design: “Celáre pretty much says it all…let’s just build the studio around them.” The décor was selected to showcase the Celáre lockers. Parker wanted a space that felt like “home away from home” and was warm and inviting yet maintained the elegance and sophistication of his vision. “It was a light bulb moment and the synergy flowed freely when he requested black Celáre lockers and chandeliers throughout the space,” described Barbara. Celáre embodied the design vision of The Ride House.

Celáre lockers with glass doors feature dual-layer tempered glass, mounted on euro soft-close hinges, and heavy gauge steel bodies with integral frames. Solid metal frames and variety of color and size combinations allow Celáre to create a unique customized look to satisfy any style preferences and decorating taste, and meet the strict functionality requirements for various environments.

Lockers no longer need to hide in the back room, they have become the stand-out pieces. Celáre is beauty, artistry, functionality and security simplified®.

This article was originally published in Athletic Business Magazine, July-August 2015 issue, p. 46-47.

About Digilock

Digilock® is the global leader in electronic locker locks, cabinet locks and office furniture locks that use patented keypad and RFID technology. Digilock’s locks and lockers for health and fitness clubs, athletic locker rooms, schools, colleges and universities, hotels, spas and office environments are high-performance, turnkey security solutions.
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