2 Ways to Maximize Gym Security and Increase Club Membership

By Mila Adamovica

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The Ride House Indoor Cycling and Fitness, Dallas, Texas

If you are thinking about improving member recruitment and retention at your fitness facility, try maximizing your gym security and providing an exceptional locker room experience. Many gyms overlook this crucial area. Club members want to know that their gym has the latest and greatest, both in equipment and safety. -Tweet That! They are looking for security, simplicity, luxury and innovation. Here are the steps you need to take to transform your locker room into a place where artistry and science come together: –Tweet That!

1. Technology Security Tips

Every aspect of environment and operation impacts the experience your facility provides. Locker rooms are worth investing in. You can install the latest models of electronic locks: cam, solenoid, or motorized locks with shared-use and assigned-use functionalities to provide a worry-free experience to fitness club management, members and visitors. A keyless electronic lock is the most reliable solution: instead of a key, users lock their belongings by punching in a self-selected code, or by using the radio frequency identification (RFID) credential. The sleek and stylish keyless lock eliminates the necessity to carry a key while attending a fitness class, or a training session.

Today you can choose from multiple lock body styles, interfaces, functionalities and latch options to match your facility’s application. With a precision focus on style, ease-of-use and lock management, modern locks create a problem-free environment and deliver exceptional experiences that drive up your club attendance and club performance numbers. To establish a trustworthy community, you could show that you care about your club members’ safety by offering them the best locker room security solution that you can afford.

2. Aesthetics and Luxury Tips

Fitness clubs can give more to their customers by paying attention to design details and making the locker room space as comfortable and unique as possible. You can create a private, softly-lighted area, with a TV, a magazine stand, a comfortable seating area and aromatherapy. You should also consider enhancing user experience by installing the state-of-the-art lockers to move your club locker rooms to the next level with luxurious style and sophistication. Lockers can be much more than the plain and old-fashioned metal doors. Modern door options include enamel glazed steel, shatter resistant tempered glass and phenolic with euro-soft close hinges in an array of options and finishes to complement the facilities décor.

By taking these vital gym security and aesthetic steps, you will build a safe and luxurious environment.

This article was originally published in Club Solutions Magazine on July 7, 2015: http://clubsolutionsmagazine.com/2015/07/2-ways-to-maximize-gym-security-and-increase-club-membership/

About Digilock

Digilock® is the global leader in electronic locker locks, cabinet locks and office furniture locks that use patented keypad and RFID technology. Digilock’s locks and lockers for health and fitness clubs, athletic locker rooms, schools, colleges and universities, hotels, spas and office environments are high-performance, turnkey security solutions.
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