Turkish Delight at the Istanbul Int’l Airport

Turkish Airlines at Ataturk Airport in Istanbul provides the weary traveler an experience like no other. Every thought has been given to ensuring that guests are welcomed from their long flight or expedited to their next destination with lavish amenities. Designed to hold up to 2,000 passengers daily, this lounge has a special entrance just for Business Class, Elite Plus and Elite Card members. These valued guests can indulge in an extensive menu of hot and cold dishes. Visitors will be amazed at the fresh juice and pastry selections.  Amenities available for Turkish Airlines passengers include private relaxation rooms, showers with special toiletry kits, children’s playroom and private infant room for passengers traveling with their children.Turkish Airlines hasn’t forgotten travel safety. Being safe is critical in this day and age, so securing your belongings while indulging in a hot shower, warm meal, a game of pool or even catching up on email at the iMac center is now possible thanks to state of the art lockers secured with the leader in locker security, Digilock. The next time you happen to find yourself in Turkey, indulge in the peaceful, efficient and comfortable accommodations available at the  business lounge and keep your items safe in one of the many available lockers. DiDigilockgilock is the global leader in electronic locks that make Security Simple. Utilizing Keypad, RFID and iButton® technologies, Digilock products increase design appeal while safely protecting valued personal belongings. Sleek and elegant design styles suit any decor and any door type. Locks can be customized for a total fit.

About Digilock

Digilock is the global leader in electronic locker locks, cabinet locks and office furniture locks that use patented keypad and RFID technology. Digilock’s locks and lockers for health and fitness clubs, athletic locker rooms, schools, colleges and universities, hotels, spas and office environments are high-performance, turnkey security solutions.
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3 Responses to Turkish Delight at the Istanbul Int’l Airport

  1. safeage security is providing many safe security products which can used in offices,homes, banks,hotels to safeguard the valuable things.

  2. Very Useful information ,it is true that safety is very important everywhere and to safeguard our valuables everyone should provide safety lockers and digital electronic safes.

    • These type of storage devices in places of transportation just make sense and really protect the airlines, the passenger and all passengers. We all travel with more stuff than we can carry, and then you add small children to the mix and you just really need two hands. Secure and reliable storage lockers at airports, train stations or other terminals are a huge benefit.

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