Best/Worst Locker Room Photos

Locker rooms! Used by world-famous athletes, middle school students, office employees and coal miners alike. The quality varies considerably! Check out our collection from all ends of the spectrum. Please comment! Which ones catch your eye?  Email locker room photos to add to our collection. We will post new ones ongoing as they are received. (Security People Inc. is an int’l supplier of locks and lockers. Soon we will begin  accepting applications for locker/lock donations for 2011/2012! All schools and youth facilities may apply. “Like” us on Facebook, or sign up for our enewsletter (to your right) to be notified when the online application is ready.)

LAUREL-CONCORD HIGH SCHOOL in LAUREL NEBRASKA. Photo courtesy of Marty Nelson. Says Marty: The boys locker room at Laurel-Concord High School in Laurel Nebraska, where I graduated in 1984. The picture was taken in 2009. I remember it being a very noisy room!

COLTS LOCKER ROOM AT LUCAS OIL STADIUM: Photo courtesy of Eric McCutchan. Says Eric: I took the photo on a visitors' tour during a blood drive at by Lucas Oil Stadium. The reason it looks so pristine is that it's used only one day per week during the season, since the Colts practice at a different facility on the northwest side of town.

INDIANOLA MIDDLE SCHOOL, COLUMBUS OHIO: Photo courtesy of Eric Lipschutz. Says Eric: As a tax payer in the Columbus City Schools district I was appalled at the condition of the boys and girls locker rooms in this building. If I were a student I wouldn't want to take gym class the conditions are so horrendous! I am glad my tax dollars are going to renovate this fine old structure and bring it into the 21st century. I have always admired this fine old school (built in 1929) and attended the community walk through prior to the renovation and addition. A subsequent addition was added in 1962. This addition will be demolished to make way for a new entrance, cafeteria, gymnasium and media center. The building will become a K-8 Language Immersion School for Columbus City Schools.

CLIPPERS LOCKER ROOM at STAPLES CENTER: Photo courtesy of Steve Neimand. Says Steve: The photo was taken during the last seat upgrade event for season ticket holders, when season seat holders are invited to Staples Center to see what seats are available in case they want to move or add to theirs. They had the locker room open for people to tour. As for perspective, I found it very nice, which I would expect for a pro team in a fairly new arena, and remarkably odor free, also expected, as it was the off season and not in use.

CHICAGO CUBS LOCKER ROOM: Photo courtesy of Kenneth Watson. Says Kenneth, On a trip to Chicago, I was lucky enough to be there on a day they were giving tours of Wrigley Field. The Cubs were playing on the road, so their clubhouse was open on the tour.

SEATTLE, WA, break room for staff members of the inpatient pharmacy in downtown Seattle, WA hospital. Photo courtesy of Kim. Says Kim: Our break room is small, dirty, windowless and crowded. It's awful, but there really are no good alternatives when the weather is bad--and since we're in Seattle, the weather is usually bad.

CHATTERLY WHITEFILED COLLIERY COAL MINE LOCKER ROOM, UNITED KINGDOM: Photograph courtesy of Mick Pyatt. Says Mick: I worked here in the1960s and it closed in 1976. I took this photo during an annual open day in Sept. 2008. It represents fond memories of my time there. These are the lockers where coal miners changed out of their clean clothes, took out a towel and soap, then went to a second locker in what was known as the dirty end to put on work clothes to go down the coal mine. At the end of the shift on the coalface you reversed the procedure which included a shower. Mick worked here starting at age 15.

SLS HOTEL, BEVERLY HILLS CA-—Ciel Spa Womens Locker Room. Keep in mind that this is a marketing photo, not from a regular person. But sure looks nice.

FORREST HILLS, NEW YORK. Photograph courtesty of Joe Shlabotnik. Writes Joe: Delighfully old school lockers.

SHORE LANES BOWLING ALLEY, MERRITT ISLAND, FL: Photo courtesy of Linda McKinney. Says Linda: My Mom and Aunt Eliza were down for a week. We picked up my brother and went bowling. This locker room caught my attention and my stomach. The visceral reaction to this locker room -- IMHO -- would be to get out of there as soon as possible.

Security People Inc. is an int’l supplier of locks and lockers. Soon we will begin begins accepting applications forlocker/lock donations for 2011/2012! All schools and youth facilities may apply. “Like” us on Facebook, or sign up for our enewsletter to be notified when the online application is ready.

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4 Responses to Best/Worst Locker Room Photos

  1. Mark Popp says:

    Its difficult to believe that the school locker rooms look more like the closed cole mine changing room. We need to get education back as a priority and provide good facilities for teaching! But still the athletes get away with demanding more money (i.e. football and now the basketball hold-outs).
    The bright side…there seems to be great construction projects (jobs) in building stadiums.

    • Mark, thanks for your comment! We, too, agree that decent locker facilities should not be a luxury for students. Seems like if President Obama’s jobs plan is approved, many construction jobs will be created updating outdated school facilities.

  2. a.Tucker says:

    Locker rooms at high schools are generally under used because the kids have developed this odd shyness amoung their peers. The administrators therefore spend money on facilities that are actually used. The question is why do kids go home smelly?

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