Lockup by Digilock Reduces Shrink and Contributes to Retail Profitability

By Mila Adamovica

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As a manufacturer of electronic locks and lockers, Digilock® is thriving in the security solutions industry expanding beyond the traditional security markets into securing personal belongings. The evolution of Digilock’s product offerings is driven by the market demands for personal security. In 1992, the company was the first to introduce a keyless electronic lock for cabinets and lockers. Today, manufacturing electronic locks is one of the fastest-growing segments of the security and access-control marketplace. IHS, a global information company, forecasts that the global market for electronic locks will exceed $1 billion in 2015.

Why Is Fighting Shrinkage Challenging?

The importance of loss prevention is a major topic of discussion across the retail industry these days. One of the latest retail security surveys stirred another round of magazine publications and social media posts regarding the reasons of the increase of the so-called “shrinkage.” According to the 2015 National Retail Security Survey, conducted by the National Retail Federation and the University of Florida, two main culprits are shoplifting and employee theft.

Retail Shrink Pie-Chart

Statistics from 2015 National Retail Security Survey

As Oscar Wilde said, “I can resist anything but temptation.” “The average loss for internal theft is nearly five times that of shoplifting,” says Los Angeles Times editor Nick Shively’s article.

Dr. Richard Hollinger, a criminology professor at the University of Florida, who leads this annual study, pointed out during a Q&A with Los Angeles Times reporter James F. Peltz, “There is no form of property crime in America that adds up to $44 billion a year. Bank robberies, household burglary, auto theft, none of them. In fact, if you add all of those up, they don’t get close to $44 billion a year.”

“Digilock, committed to developing new products that are driven by customer demands, created a perfect loss prevention solution for retail environment—Lockup—to add to the holistic loss prevention strategy and to enforce the traditional loss prevention activities.”

Another study, The Global Retail Theft Barometer™ report, was carried out in 2014 by Checkpoint Systems, which teamed up with The Smart Cube and Ernie Deyle, a retail loss prevention analyst. It was conducted in twenty-four countries among 222 retailers representing $744 billion in sales in 2013. The lowest shrink rates were recorded in Norway (0.83 percent of retail sales), and the highest rates were recorded in Mexico (1.70 percent) and China (1.53 percent). The United States came in at 1.48 percent of retail sales. With the evolution of loss prevention techniques, retailers have been able to reduce shrink as a percent of sales; however, the actual dollar loss due to shrink continues to grow according to Alan Fanarof, retail practice head ANZ, Cognizant.

To reclaim lost revenue, retailers are using different means to develop employee awareness about the vital importance of loss prevention. The most common way is to perform extensive new employee background and references checks and to communicate conduct guidelines during the new employee training, focusing on the severity of the employee theft issue and its consequences. Another approach is to continuously work on developing good relationships with employees. Companies with the lowest turnover rates have the lowest internal theft rates.

Although most stores have a strategy in place to fight shrinkage, the statistical research shows that, despite all the retailers’ efforts, the industry has hit a plateau in the fight against shrink. According to FBI reports, employees’ theft is the fastest-growing crime in America. Now the dilemma emerges—how to stay ahead of the curve and prevent shrink in stores, while providing secure storage for employee belongings. As the saying goes, “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.”

How Lockup Solution Works to Combat Shrink


Employee merchandise theft that does not involve a cash register is difficult to identify because you have to catch it in the act. It is much easier to proactively prevent this kind of theft than to deal with it after it has already happened. What proven methods empower stores to dramatically curb retail shrink? Digilock’s patented technology and responsiveness to market demands is ensuring security simplified® with an out-of-the-box approach that allows a locker to be always available for each employee to secure belongings.

Options include a clear polycarbonate door giving store managers the ability to see the contents inside the employee lockers, contributing to internal theft prevention. The procedure is simple: store employees gain access to their lockers with the entry of a four-digit keypad code, and the store management controls and audits the lockers by using an electronic manager key.

“Digilock’s patented technology and responsiveness to market demands is ensuring security simplified® with an out-of-the-box approach that allows a locker to be always available for each employee to secure belongings.”

Lockup® delivers a top-of-the-line employee locker complete with the security of a shared-use keypad lock. The locker is manufactured from heavy-gauge powder-coated metal to withstand heavy use in demanding environments. It is delivered ready-to-use, fully assembled with pre-programmed electronic keypad lock. Lockup locks are designed specifically for retail employee use, where multiple shifts are scheduled throughout the day. This shared-use technology allows employees to occupy one locker during their shift, and once vacated, the locker is available for another user. The electronic manager key permits locker audits and provides external power for locks. Lockup offers retailers a cost-competitive solution for secure personal storage and a shrink-reduction plan. Digilock, committed to developing new products that are driven by customer demands, created a perfect loss prevention solution for retail environment—Lockup—to add to the holistic loss prevention strategy and to enforce the traditional loss prevention activities. Lockers enable store management to take proactive steps to ensure merchandise is not lost.

Contact us at 707-766-6000 or sales@digilock.com for a free demo locker and learn why Lockup is the preferred employee locker choice among retailers. Or visit us online at lockup.com for more information.

This article was originally published in Loss Prevention Magazine, September-October 2015 issue, p.67-68.

Download: LP Magazine Solutions Showcase: Lockup by Digilock Reduces Shrink and Contributes to Retail Profitability.pdf

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Extravagance at Las Vegas’ Hotel Bellagio

Las Vegas Hotel Bellagio speaks luxurious extravagance! Nothing says this better than Bellagio’s five-pool courtyard, and its spa and fitness facility. Adding to the spa area decor, high-end lockers with instantly-set 4-digits code locks enhance the spa experience with the unique design and the complete safety. Digilock is honored to be Bellagio’s provider of sophisticated lockers and locks for spa and pool guests to safely secure their belongings.

“Digilock always focuses on making security simple,” emphasizes Bill Gordon, President and Founder of Digilock.

The company offers unparalleled security solutions with a precision focus on style, ease of use and lock management. Digilock delivers exceptional experiences for its customers and builds strong relationships around the world.

Four whirpools adjoin in a spa area at the Bellagio.

Bellagio’s Fitness center.

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Why Digilock®?

Timeline of Success

  • The market leader in electronic locks and innovative security solutions.
  • The company that revolutionized the locker room experience.
  • More than 3 million Digilock units are operated daily worldwide.

As global leader, Digilock creates simple-to-use electronic locking solutions through streamlined design and patented technology. We set new standards of excellent quality and solutions that provide flawless operation every time. We support our customers with an exceptional warranty and easy-to-reach technical advisors. Founded in 1981, Digilock introduced the first electronic cabinet lock to the marketplace, changing the lock and locker industry forever. The company’s goal is to make security simplified®, blending science with the artistry that transforms the user experience. Digilock is seen in nearly all the high-end locker rooms in the world offering security and elegance that customers demand. Today, Digilock commands up to 90 percent of the market for electronic locker locks and is the number-one-specified electronic locking solution.

With its first-generation electronic locks, Digilock changed the way users operated their lockers. This series offered a keyless security platform with either shared- or assigned-use functionality. The goal was clear: increase member satisfaction by providing a secure solution that eliminates the need to carry a key.

“Digilock makes security simple,” said Bill Gordon, President and Founder of Digilock, “offering unparalleled security solutions with a focus on style, ease-of-use, and lock management.”

While this innovation was simple and intuitive, it instantly upgraded locker rooms by making them more user-friendly. The shared-use functionality allowed members to walk up to any available locker, enter their self-selected four-digit code, and store their belongings quickly and safely. The experience improved with a push of a button. The assigned-use functionality provided members and VIPs with a keypad-operated solution that eliminated the hassle of keys. The second-generation lock model implemented a time-saving tool that allowed for a complaint-free locker room environment, on the strong belief that the user experience should be problem-free.

Digilock transformed the market by introducing the electronic Manager Key, which improved management access with a single touch. Clubs no longer needed to worry about owner and manager codes, the time required to change such codes, the embarrassment of asking a club member to look away while entering the manager code, or the club member being locked out as the manager code was not programmed correctly. Over the course of time, Digilock designed sleeker, slimmer products focusing on continued simplicity and customization. The third-generation locks featured three security platforms, enhanced electronic Manager Keys with a built-in power override feature, and a variety of body types and finishes.

Digilock began customizing products to fit a wider variety of applications across a multitude of diverse industries. With the current generation, Digilock offers an array of lock models, including cam, solenoid and motorized locks with either a keypad or RFID interface. Digilock also introduced a code-managed lock, providing a perfect solution for smaller breakout facilities such as Pilates or cycling studios with fewer than 20 locker openings. From small boutique studios to large athletic facilities, clubs have more options with Digilock, the company that has changed the landscape of locker rooms worldwide.

Over the past 34 years, Digilock modernized the electronic lock industry with its breakthrough technology and innovative, yet simple-to-use products. Customer service and consistency in providing high-quality products powered Digilock’s rise to prominence. As the industry leader and the original manufacturer of electronic locker locks, Digilock established the highest standards for unparalleled security solutions. Security simplified® is the founding principle and the answer to “Why Digilock”.

This article was originally published in the Athletic Business Magazine, July 2015: www.athleticbusiness.com

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U.C. Berkeley Women’s Softball Team Locker Room

U.C. Berkeley’s women’s softball locker room

Athletic success requires an individual to work hard, be able to concentrate, be focused and self-disciplined, and exhibit perseverance and determination. A locker room is not only a place to change into sports attire, but also a sanctuary for players to get motivated for success. Digilock’s locks for health and fitness clubs, athletic locker rooms, schools, colleges and universities are high-performance, turnkey security solutions.

The University of California Berkeley strives to provide the best equipment for students and athletes. The U.C. Berkeley Women’s Softball team locker rooms were remodeled with Digilock locks. Players have a secure space to store their belongings, and a comfortable room for changing. Every aspect of environment and operation impacts the experience the sports facility provides. It is fast and easy to enhance that experience with Digilock.

Digilock is an electronic lock designed to provide a high-security keyless locking solution for lockers. With a precision focus on style, ease of use and lock management, Digilock delivers exceptional experiences. Site managers benefit from this solution because it instantly solves the problems and cuts the expenses of lost and replaced keys in an elegant and simple way. Locker users benefit from having a choice of assigned or shared use functionality. 

Locker rooms

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1,100 Lockers for the U.C. Berkeley Recreational Fitness Center

Transform your locker room with Digilock.

Digilock’s locks and lockers for health and fitness clubs, athletic locker rooms, schools, colleges and universities, are high-performance, turnkey security solutions. With the industry’s most versatile style and functionality, Digilock’s products stand out in any environment. “Digilock always focuses on making security simple,” emphasizes Bill Gordon, President and Founder of Digilock. The company offers unparalleled security solutions with a precision focus on style, ease of use and lock management.

U.C. Berkeley’s recreational fitness center received 1,100 athletic lockers secured by Digilock locks. Many athletic facilities use lockers as laundry lockers for varsity players, so that their uniforms can be cleaned every day.

For more information on our products, visit: http://www.digilock.com/, or follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube and subscribe to Digilock Blog.

The varsity locker room at Cal Berkeley.

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Product Spotlight in the Athletic Business Magazine: Celáre

Product Spotlight: Locker Rooms – Celáre® by Digilock®

Celare by Digilock

Celáre® by Digilock®

Celáre® by Digilock® has introduced a new line of phenolic doors. Standard with this locker solution are electronic locks, as well as its euro, soft-close hinges on a heavy-gauge steel body, providing high security and elegant style. With its patented keypad and RFID technology, Digilock is a global leader and a preferred manufacturer of high-performance security simplified® lock and locker solutions for athletic locker rooms, health and fitness facilities, hotels and spas.

Buyers Guide: Digilock


(707) 766-6000

This Product Spotlight originally was published in the Athletic Business Magazine, July 2015: www.athleticbusiness.com

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2 Ways to Maximize Gym Security and Increase Club Membership

By Mila Adamovica

The Ride House_CycleStudio

The Ride House Indoor Cycling and Fitness, Dallas, Texas

If you are thinking about improving member recruitment and retention at your fitness facility, try maximizing your gym security and providing an exceptional locker room experience. Many gyms overlook this crucial area. Club members want to know that their gym has the latest and greatest, both in equipment and safety. -Tweet That! They are looking for security, simplicity, luxury and innovation. Here are the steps you need to take to transform your locker room into a place where artistry and science come together: –Tweet That!

1. Technology Security Tips

Every aspect of environment and operation impacts the experience your facility provides. Locker rooms are worth investing in. You can install the latest models of electronic locks: cam, solenoid, or motorized locks with shared-use and assigned-use functionalities to provide a worry-free experience to fitness club management, members and visitors. A keyless electronic lock is the most reliable solution: instead of a key, users lock their belongings by punching in a self-selected code, or by using the radio frequency identification (RFID) credential. The sleek and stylish keyless lock eliminates the necessity to carry a key while attending a fitness class, or a training session.

Today you can choose from multiple lock body styles, interfaces, functionalities and latch options to match your facility’s application. With a precision focus on style, ease-of-use and lock management, modern locks create a problem-free environment and deliver exceptional experiences that drive up your club attendance and club performance numbers. To establish a trustworthy community, you could show that you care about your club members’ safety by offering them the best locker room security solution that you can afford.

2. Aesthetics and Luxury Tips

Fitness clubs can give more to their customers by paying attention to design details and making the locker room space as comfortable and unique as possible. You can create a private, softly-lighted area, with a TV, a magazine stand, a comfortable seating area and aromatherapy. You should also consider enhancing user experience by installing the state-of-the-art lockers to move your club locker rooms to the next level with luxurious style and sophistication. Lockers can be much more than the plain and old-fashioned metal doors. Modern door options include enamel glazed steel, shatter resistant tempered glass and phenolic with euro-soft close hinges in an array of options and finishes to complement the facilities décor.

By taking these vital gym security and aesthetic steps, you will build a safe and luxurious environment.

This article was originally published in Club Solutions Magazine on July 7, 2015: http://clubsolutionsmagazine.com/2015/07/2-ways-to-maximize-gym-security-and-increase-club-membership/

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